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The Orbiter

Summer 2013

Exploding Universe

Clark Planetarium invites you on a journey that will take you from the grandest of supernovae to merging black holes to the tunnels of the most advanced particle colliders and show you how even the Earth’s moon would not exist without the universal constant of things crashing into each other. Without destruction, there is no creation in our Exploding Universe. Available later this Fall. Read More.

Let It Snow

The holiday season may be months away but it's never too early to start thinking about what to show! Great for the whole family, “Let It Snow” combines beautiful and playful visual designs with a list of classic holiday tunes to warm the heart when the snow starts falling. Read more.

Brad Stock’s “The Sun”

Last year Clark Planetarium Productions got together with a promising up-and-coming talent in the music world named Brad Stock. We took his album “The Atomic Clock” and, almost exclusively using clips from our ten-year library, made an entirely new entertainment show. We've been letting everyone check out the opening song “The Sun” set to our original visuals. Contact us to see how, using nothing but a premade library of video clips, you too can make an entirely original show to play in your dome. Read more.

Ten Years on the Outside Looking In

How has Clark Planetarium Productions changed over the last decade? What have they learned? See how its production operation still flourishes in times of new challenges.  Read more.

Meet Our New Sales Manager!

Andrea Doubek is no stranger to the world of fulldome production or the planetarium world. She has a wealth of experience in animation, planetarium audiences, and show sales.  Read more.

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